Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Ready To Go!

Welcome to the Burns' family's first Blog and the story of our adventures in Montpellier France! It is now December and we are gearing up for our big departure!  So far, the passports are in order, we know how to order Euros, have rented a house, have purchased our plane tickets, and are slowly realizing that we will NOT be able to take all of the comforts of home with us!  Last weekend was exciting as we traveled, by car, to the French Consulate in Chicago to apply for our Visas - yes, we HAD to physically go to the consulate since they require fingerprinting and more photographs.
Our plane will be flying into Barcelona Spain so we need to decide if we should order our train tickets from Barcelona to Montpellier, online or purchase them at the station - any suggestions??  We are all doing "fair" with the French lessons - Andrew is very good at ordering a bottle of red wine in French!  
More later! 

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  1. Buy the train tickets here. Less to worry about when you arrive.