Thursday, January 27, 2011


Marie, our relocation specialist (and I don't use the word "specialist" lightly!) has been very helpful this week.  She was invaluable in finding the right package re: internet/phone/tv for us, coming over and trying to help us connect it (we had all of the wires correct but couldn't read the web site for further instructions) and when she ran into a snag - she called her cousin William (pronounced: Weeham) who ended up coming to our house to get things going - now, we are crankin!  We have a faster modem, a phone that will call the States, and a TV that gets about 400 channels - 4, of which, are in English: CNN, Fox News, France (in English), and Boomerang (a kids channel that is sometimes broadcast in English).  Emma was disappointed that ABC Family isn't included as she is truly missing Pretty Little Liars, but she, and all of us, were thrilled with the upgraded Wifi (pronounced weefee here).

In addition to the technology, Marie took us car shopping - maybe it was more like car looking since there was only one to look at! She works with a mechanic who fixes cars up to sell.  This one is a Peugot (sp?) station wagon (only one that would seat 5 of us comfortably) and had 250,000 miles on it until Sam from Moracco, rebuilt the engine, changed the brakes and tires, fixed whatever else had to be done mechanically, AND took the car to Moracco for a nice new paint job!  So, as long as our wire transfer from the states comes through, we will probably buy it on Saturday.  Sam has been using it as his family car, so needs to clean it WELL - he also agreed to fix anything that goes wrong with it and Marie agreed to buy it at the end of our stay - so, it's a win/win for us! We are NOT looking forward to driving in Montpellier, but are looking forward to heading out of town to wineries and various other places that we can't get to by train.

Andrew's work is going well - he has been waiting for samples to arrive and has been working on the talk that he is giving to the INRA folks today re: Vibrational Spectroscopy - big talk!  The poor guy was sick for the last two days (he doesn't get sick!) with a fever - thankfully, it broke last night and he is better today!

The kids are doing o.k. - Nathan really needs to get into a school, Adam really needs to find a soccer/football field and friends, and Emma needs to go shopping and find friends!  That will make everyone happy so, we will work on it!

More later - B

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