Thursday, January 20, 2011

Notre Maison!

Studying in France - outside to get the wifi signal - the pup's name is "Cool"
The main house - ours is the door to the left
This is our wing :) - the door is just to the right of the little tree

Emma made the first non-food purchase!  What else? A BERET!
Well,  I think my dad jinxed us last night when he asked if it is windy here - it hadn't been until today and then the wind brought cold with it!  The kids studied all morning, we had some lunch and then decided to go for a walk to the French/American Center to see what activities are available - although the sun was shining beautifully, il fait froise! (it was cold!)  We went to the Office de Tourisma (sp?) - tourism office and gathered pamphlets to bring home and interpret because, of course, they are all written in French! Next to the tourism office was an open air market (open Thurs/Fri/Sat) that included shoes/boots, hats, coats, purses/bags, flowers etc... - it was wonderful and is where Emma found her very cute beret!  I wish that it had been a little warmer so we could have enjoyed browsing a little more (Emma and I will certainly go back!)  Yesterday, the kids and I took a tram ride to the end of the line where the BIG grocery store is - similar to a Super Wal Mart or Meijer (for those of you who know Meijer) - in addition to the grocery store, the tram dropped us in the middle of an outdoor mall - very chic and modern, however, it was evening and cold - none of us were dressed properly since we had been out since noon when it was in the middle 60's! so we got our four bags of groceries and hopped back on the tram to the house. 
We have rented a car for the weekend and will explore Nimes on Saturday (Samedi) and who knows where on Sunday (Dimanche). Thanks to all of you for the comments to the blog postings and the facebook comments as well! A demain (until tomorrow!) - Take care - The Burns Fam


  1. Finally an update! Looks beautiful. Sorry we didn't get to have that dinner, Beth. :(
    Ann D.

  2. Hi Beth, Hope it's ok as I vicariously live through you guys and enjoy my (I mean your) time in France! Very happy for you. Jennifer Z.

  3. Emma looks really cute in her little French beret. Let's just hope that she doesn't develop a taste for French haute couture! Elizabeth B.