Friday, April 8, 2011

The Gardens!

Wisteria on the terrace outside of our bedroom and Emma's

The birdies in the big cage outside of our front window

Driving up the driveway - what a welcoming!

The terrace Wisteria


The stone path to our portion of the house

Adam's first French offense!!

Lemon tree - 1 of 3 or 4 in the yard right


The gardens in our French home are absolutely gorgeous!  it seems that every day we wake up, there are new suprises blooming out the windows.  The wonderful scents that greet us when we open the windows or walk up the driveway are heavenly.  Also, now, in addition to being greeted every day by Vox and Cool (Mr. and Mrs. Boisson's chiens (dogs)), we are tweeted to by the five cute birdies in the cage outside our front door and window!
Mr. and Mrs. Bosson, along with the gardener and his wife, work very hard to keep this house and yard so enjoyable!  Mr. and Mrs. Boisson, in addition to gardening, have also been preparing the beautiful swimming pool for the summer.  The last report was that the water would start flowing sometime next week.  The pool takes 3 days to fill, then the chemicals have to be balanced.  Sitting by the pool, in these gardens during a nice warm southern France afternoon, sipping some Pastise sounds too good to be true, but will be happening soon I believe! :)

Update! -- Today (4/8/11) we were invited to Emma and Adam's school for a little performance.  Upon our arrival, Adam came to me and asked "hey mom, did you happen to think to bring my tram pass???" - HUH?? I asked him how he got to school if he didn't have it along - well, he forgot it and tried to ride the tram without it which, a lot of the time, works out o.k. but when it doesn't, the offender passenger receives a 46 euro ticket! Today, unfortunately, the tram police jumped on Adam's tram, asked to see his pass and thankfully, one of the policemen spoke a little english so Adam was taken off of the tram and had to explain his forgetfulness! Between his french and the little english that the police officer knew, they were able to get all of the information to write up the ticket  for our 12 year old offender.  Thankfully, in the end, the officer explained that if Adam took the ticket to the Tram office with his tram pass to prove that his pass was effective as of today, the ticket would go away.  We will be at the tram office tomorrow morning!

The performance that the kids put on was very cute!  Emma was a bus passenger while Adam, ironically enough, was the Police Officer that had to take a bus passenger (not Emma - she was a sick passenger who had to ask the driver to stop)  without a ticket, off of the bus and to the police station! --- Interesting how things work huh??

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  1. Did Adam write the skit too?

    Thank you so much for showing the gardens and the birdies. What paradise!