Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Happenings!

Our wire came through, we were able to get a bank check and buy our first European car!  We bought a Peugot 406 - 1998 with 250,000 miles on it but Sam (Mr. Muhamad) put a new engine, new tires, new brakes etc... on it and gave it a new paint job so - it's as good new --- with a cassette player to boot!  Andrew was the first to drive it - right off the lot and to the gas station as the tank was on "empty".  We learned how to pump gas in France - yes, it is different - we have to pump the gas and then drive to a booth to pay the little man for the gas - these French people like human interaction - we are very good at saying Bonjour, Merci, Merci Beaucoup, Je parle en petite peu Francais and of course, Je suis American!

So, it has been a transportation kind of day for us!  This morning we hopped on the bus for an appointment with the Principal of a local Lycee (high school) for Nathan who has been itching to get to a school and meet new friends - he misses all of his friends at home. This meeting was just to talk about his options, or so we thought.  The principal was very nice, welcomed us and explained exactly what Nathan would be doing then gave us all of the forms to sign, the welcome book to the school and called the book man so we could go and collect Nathan's books in order for him to begin on Tuesday! I guess he's going now :)  The funniest question she posed to nathan was: "you want to take German??" - ha ha - we told her that we thought French would be enough. He will be taking math, biology, French, chemistry, physics and phys ed - ha!  I thought I had it hard in my French class! I know he'll do great!

We are still trying to get in to see the principal of the school for Adam and Emma - my computer kicks the e-mails back so I tried to call and didn't get an answer - Andy sent an e-mail too but nothing back yet.

Andy came home for lunch and the whole family went to the grocery store in our new car - Andy drove there and I actually drove the new car home from the grocery store - Carrefour Market - we finally have food that will last for more than one meal in the house!

This afternoon, Nathan and I took the tram to the Tram station to purchase long term ride tickets that will work on the buses and trams - yea!  Nathan actually got his own pass for a month which has hi pix on it - we can refill it as needed every month and he will have a nice souvenir at the end of our stay.

So buses, cars, trams were all used today - oh yea!  We walked a lot too!

Everyone is getting along well.  The French people are very nice, patient with our language issues, helpful when we have direction questions and willing the help us find food when we don't know the name of it (Turkey in particular! - Dinde (sp?)  Of course our angel Marie and Mr. and Mrs. Boisson have been wonderful.  If it wasn't for the sunshine and friendliness, we would all be much more homesick than we are.

We are hoping that all of our friends in the states are safe, warm and happy in their homes and pray that the issues in Egypt are quickly resolved.

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