Monday, March 14, 2011

Adam's 12th Birthday - March 9, 2011

Lunchtime! Mac and Cheese for the boys, an apple for
Emma, and a box for the family from Nana!
Adam chose to go bowling on his birthday
He's ready to knock 'em down!
Emma was shooting for above 73 - the score her dad
predicted she would get
I can't believe it's been 12 years!
We thought it was Mr. Cheerful, it ended up being
Mr. Jester (funny)
Adam's Birthday cake - strawberry mousse and cake!
Ready to cut it!
Our boy!

Wednesday March 9, 2011 was Adam's 12th birthday!  It's really difficult to decide how to celebrate when we don't know many people and really don't know anyone his age (he did make some friends at school but it was the school holiday here so he hadn't seen them for awhile).  One idea that Adam came up with is going to a Montpellier handball match (pronounced "Hant Bahl").  We talked with Mr. Boisson, jumped online and now have tickets to the Montpellier vs. Chambery match on Wednesday March 16 at the BIG arena. The Montpellier team often plays in a stadium close to our house - we could walk there!  But this is a big game and will be held at the arena on the other side of town. We are very excited to go (except for Emma who is choosing not to attend the match).

So Wednesday began as any other day, with the kids sleeping in until about 9:00, waking up, having some breakfast and then starting their schoolwork - except for Adam who negotiated a day off since it was, afterall, his big day!  I let him read his book instead. (in actuality, he has most of his schoolwork from home completed!).  Andrew came home for lunch and took the afternoon off, the boys had mac and cheese and I don't remember what the rest of us ate. After lunch Adam decided that he would like to go bowling - so we did!

As I stated before, bowling isn't cheap (although I recently found out that my brother and his family paid $10/person/game in Columbus - ouch!)  We had a fun time, Andrew won and predicted that Emma would get a 73 - which she actually did!  The rest of us did alright and Adam came in one point behind Nathan. 

The bowling alley is in the big mall area at the end of  theTram 1 route where Geant - the "Super Wal-Mart" type of grocery store is.  Adam had requested "Aunt Debbie's Broccoli and Cheese Casserole" for dinner so after bowling, we hit the store to get the ingredients the headed home to prepare the feast!  Since Emma doesn't like cheese, and Andrew is constantly watching his cholesterol (for the last 10 years since the doctor told him that it might be getting a little high --- he is very good about watching his intake), as soon as we hit the door, Andrew turned around and walked to the boucherie to get some chicken and some ground turkey so he and Emma would have something to eat.

The pictures above explain the rest of the evening :)  Adam had some gifts to open from us and from Grandma and Grandpa (Eagles wear!) and then tried to read his new French books.  For the past couple of weeks, he had been scouring the bookstores for the perfect picture dictionary to help him learn words - although it isn't in one of the pictures above, he did receive one and it is very nice.  There was a lot of skyped birthday wishes from home along with e-mails and facebook messages which he loved receiving!

One of the biggest suprises was an e-mail from North Canton Middle School's 6th grade band and the band director, Mrs. Varn.  Mrs. Varn recorded the whole band singing happy birthday to Adam and sent it to him as an attachment to an e-mail - Adam was very touched and so was the rest of the family!  I've included it below.

Overall his birthday was a success, funfilled, and will continue on the 16th when we go to the big match !

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